Officer-Involved Shootings in Anchorage 1993–2013

Payne, Troy C. (2013). Officer-Involved Shootings in Anchorage 1993–2013. Report prepared for Anchorage Police Department. Anchorage, AK: Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage. (JC 1402.01).


Summary: This report describes situational, officer, and citizen characteristics of the 45 officer-involved shootings in Anchorage for the period 1 Jan 1993 through 11 May 2013 as recorded in Anchorage Police Department (APD) criminal investigation files. An “officer-involved shooting” is defined as an incident in which a sworn APD employee purposefully discharged a firearm with the intent of stopping a human being while acting under color of law, including firing at vehicles when the intent is to stop the vehicle. A total of 45 officer-involved shootings occurred during the 20-year study period. APD policy with regard to use of force and investigation of officer-involved shootings is also described.