Predictive Validity of Marijuana Odor Detection

Principal investigator(s): Brad Myrstol
Other project personnel:

Jason Brandeis

Ezekiel Kaufman

Heather MacAlpine

Kelsey Waldorf

Josh Baker

Project dates: 2011–2012
JC#: 1110.02
Funding agency: Alaska State Troopers

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The purpose of this study is to expand data collection for the Predictive Validity of Marijuana Odor Detection study to include case records for 2009 and 2010. The addition of these two years of data will provide refined estimates of the extent to which searches of structures and buildings conducted by Alaska State Troopers resulted in the discovery of quantities of marijuana exceeding the amoung legally permissible under Alaska law.


Reports Summary Document

The Predictive Validity of Marijuana Odor Detection: An Examination of Alaska State Trooper Case Reports 2006–2010 by Brad A. Myrstol and Jason Brandeis. Report prepared for the Alaska State Troopers. Anchorage, AK: Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, Feb 2012.

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