Governor's Initiative to End the Epidemic of
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Alaska

Principal investigator(s): André B. Rosay
Project dates: 2010–2011
JC#: 1102
Funding agency: Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual
, Alaska Department of Public Safety
Project amount: $62,294
Project status: Completed

Alaska has long been plagued by the incidence of violence against women. To address this scourge, Governor Sean Parnell announced an initiative to end the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska. As this initiative moves forward, new efforts to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska are being considered and existing efforts are being strengthened. There is an increasing need for research services that will support, guide, and evaluate these efforts.

In response to this need, the scope of work for this proposal includes (a) establishing baselines to inform the Governor’s initiative and (b) building research and evaluation capacity to monitor the effectiveness of the Governor’s initiative.