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A Directory of Dispute Resolution in Alaska
Outside Federal and State Courts

Anchorage: Alaska Judicial Council, March 1999.

This publication is not a Justice Center product, but is abstracted here
for its relevance to the Justice Center research or academic missions.

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Abstract: Presents an overview of Alaska dispute resolution entities other than state and federal courts, including tribal courts, tribal councils that address individual legal matters, youth courts, community courts, alternative dispute resolution programs, and state and municipal programs. Tribal councils and tribal courts in both rural and urban communities may address such matters as child in need of aid cases, adoptions, property, and minor criminal matters. Youth courts, found chiefly in urban locations, combine a legal training program for high school students with peer adjudication of juvenile offenses. Community courts use collaborative agreements between state, municipal, and tribal governments to resolve juvenile delinquency cases in a setting sensitive to the culture and traditions of the community. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) organizations provide mediation services or resolve complaints.

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