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"Marijuana Legalization: Where the Process Stands Now" by Jason Brandeis (2015).

"Exploratory Study on Intimate Partner Kidnapping: Is This a Prevailing Issue in Intimate Partner Relationships?" by Lindsey Blumenstein (2015).

"Alaska Department of Corrections: Institutional Populations, 2005–2014" by Khristy Parker (2015).

"Alaska Department of Corrections: Admissions and Population, 2004–2013" by Khristy Parker (2015).

Alaska Justice Forum 32(1), Spring 2015

"Advancing Tribal Court Criminal Jurisdiction in Alaska" by Ryan Fortson (2015).

"Factors Associated with Homeless Encampment Locations in Anchorage, Alaska" by Sharon Chamard (2015).

"Reducing Excessive Police Incidents: Do Notices to Owners Work?" by Troy C. Payne (2015).

"Intimate Partner Assault and Structural-Level Correlates of Crime: Exploring the Relationship between Contextual Factors and Intimate Partner Violence" by Lindsey Blumenstein and Jana L. Jaskinski (2015).

"Policing Problem Places: Crime Hot Spots and Effective Prevention" (book review) by Troy C. Payne (2015).

"Is Race a Factor in Disparate Health Problems Associated with Violence against Women?" by Gabriel M. Garcia and Marny Rivera (2014).

Alaska Justice Forum 31(3–4), Fall 2014/Winter 2015

"The Role of Non-Lawyers on Administrative Tribunals: What Lay Members Think About Law, Lawyers, and Their Own Participation in Alaska’s Mixed Administrative Tribunals" by Kristin S. Knudsen Latta (2014).

A College Student's Guide to Landlord/Tenant Relations in Alaska by Ryan Fortson (2014).

"Evaluating a Juvenile Reentry Program: An Elusive Target" by William H. Barton, G. Roger Jarjoura, and André B. Rosay (2014).