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"Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault Committed against University of Alaska Students" by Lindsey Blumenstein and Brad A. Myrstol (2016).

"The Importance of Small Units of Aggregation: Trajectories of Crime at Addresses in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1998–2012" by Troy C. Payne and Kathleen Gallagher (2016).

"The Complexity of Problem-Solving in Urban Parks: A Case Study" by Troy C. Payne and Daniel Reinhard (2016).

"Juvenile Justice Referrals and Charges in Alaska, FY 2006–2015" by Khristy Parker (2016).

"Alaska Trauma Registry: Trauma Admissions Involving Alcohol or Illegal Drugs, 2014" by Khristy Parker (Jan 2016).

Growing up Anchorage 2015: Anchorage Youth and Young Adult Behavioral Health and Wellness Assessment by Karen Heath, Gabriel M. Garcia, Bridget Hanson, Marny Rivera, Travis Hedwig, Rebekah Moras, Danielle Reed, Curtis Smith, and Sylvia Craig (2015).

Descriptive Analysis of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Incidents Closed by the Alaska State Troopers: 2008–2011 — Final Report by Brad A. Myrstol and Khristy L. Parker (2015).

"Ravin Revisited: Alaska's Historic Common Law Marijuana Rule at the Dawn of Legalization" by Jason Brandeis (2015).

Alaska Justice Forum 32(2–3), Summer/Fall 2015

"Marijuana Legalization: Where the Process Stands Now" by Jason Brandeis (2015).

"Exploratory Study on Intimate Partner Kidnapping: Is This a Prevailing Issue in Intimate Partner Relationships?" by Lindsey Blumenstein (2015).

"Rethinking Child Welfare to Keep Families Safe and Together: Effective Housing-Based Supports to Reduce Child Trauma, Maltreatment Recidivism, and Re-Entry to Foster Care" by Marny Rivera and Rita Sullivan (2015).

"Alaska Department of Corrections: Institutional Populations, 2005–2014" by Khristy Parker (2015).

"Alaska Department of Corrections: Admissions and Population, 2004–2013" by Khristy Parker (2015).

Alaska Justice Forum 32(1), Spring 2015

"Advancing Tribal Court Criminal Jurisdiction in Alaska" by Ryan Fortson (2015).

"Factors Associated with Homeless Encampment Locations in Anchorage, Alaska" by Sharon Chamard (2015).

"Reducing Excessive Police Incidents: Do Notices to Owners Work?" by Troy C. Payne (2015).

"Does Context Matter? Examining the Mental Health among Homeless People" by Kevin Fitzpatrick, Brad A. Myrstol, and Elizabeth Miller (2015).

"Intimate Partner Assault and Structural-Level Correlates of Crime: Exploring the Relationship between Contextual Factors and Intimate Partner Violence" by Lindsey Blumenstein and Jana L. Jaskinski (2015).

"Policing Problem Places: Crime Hot Spots and Effective Prevention" (book review) by Troy C. Payne (2015).