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"Factors Associated with Homeless Encampment Locations in Anchorage, Alaska" by Sharon Chamard (2015).

"Reducing Excessive Police Incidents: Do Notices to Owners Work?" by Troy C. Payne (2015).

"Intimate Partner Assault and Structural-Level Correlates of Crime: Exploring the Relationship between Contextual Factors and Intimate Partner Violence" by Lindsey Blumenstein and Jana L. Jaskinski (2015).

"Policing Problem Places: Crime Hot Spots and Effective Prevention" (book review) by Troy C. Payne (2015).

"Is Race a Factor in Disparate Health Problems Associated with Violence against Women?" by Gabriel M. Garcia and Marny Rivera (2014).

Alaska Justice Forum 31(3–4), Fall 2014/Winter 2015

"The Role of Non-Lawyers on Administrative Tribunals: What Lay Members Think About Law, Lawyers, and Their Own Participation in Alaska’s Mixed Administrative Tribunals" by Kristin S. Knudsen Latta (2014).

A College Student's Guide to Landlord/Tenant Relations in Alaska by Ryan Fortson (2014).

"Evaluating a Juvenile Reentry Program: An Elusive Target" by William H. Barton, G. Roger Jarjoura, and André B. Rosay (2014).

Alaska Justice Forum 31(1–2), Spring/Summer 2014

AJSAC Fact Sheet (2014)