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Location of Municipality of Anchorage and Matanuska-Susitnta Borough within the state of Alaska (map)

The Community Indicators Project at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) is a public education project of the Justice Center aimed at providing information about various aspects of Alaskan communities through data collection, analysis, and distribution. Though initial efforts were derived from census data, in 2003 a telephone survey conducted by the Justice Center focused on Anchorage residents' attitudes on five issues — schools, public transportation, snow removal, police performance, emergency medical services — and on residential stability. Subsequently the effort has grown to include more communities, new research techniques, and additional areas of interest.

This site brings together information about communities and quality of living in the Anchorage and Mat-Su regions of Southcentral Alaska. These two areas contain over 52% of Alaska's total population and represent some of the fastest growing areas within the state, driving the need for comprehensive studies during their growth and development.

The Justice Center of the University of Alaska Anchorage is an affiliate of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, and in this capacity, seeks to democratize data by making it available to community members and leaders interested in effecting change in their neighborhoods. By collecting and providing data to people with a vested interest in improving their neighborhoods, the goal of this site is to assist community organizations and leaders in using data to drive change in Alaskan communities.

What's New

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Community Survey 2012 and Trends 2008–2012: A Sourcebook of Community Attitudes by Sharon Chamard and Heather MacAlpine (2012)

"Public Perceptions of Judicial Fairness" by Brad A. Myrstol and Cory R. Lepage (2012)

Anchorage Community Survey 2009: Anchorage Police-Related Results by Sharon Chamard (2011)

"Anchorage Residents' Perceptions of Police" by Brad A. Myrstol (2011)

Atlas of Anchorage Community Indicators by Robert H. Langworthy, Shel Llee Flexman-Evans, Sharon Chamard, Alan R. McKelvie, and Donald Yunker (2009)