Anchorage Attitudes Toward Justice System

Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage. (Fall 2005). "Anchorage Attitudes Toward Justice System." Alaska Justice Forum 22(3): 8. Data from the Anchorage Community Survey are presented to describe attitudes of Anchorage residents about the perceived fairness of different parties in the courtroom, the perceived punitiveness of the criminal justice system, and the perceived effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

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The following figures are derived from data from the Anchorage Community Survey, which was conducted by the Justice Center in late 2004 and early 2005. They present percentages for the respondents who answered pertinent questions. A total of 2,485 Anchorage residents participated in the survey. Response rates varied for each survey item, with an average of more than 80 percent of survey participants answering the questions represented by these figures. The percentages are based only on the total number of respondents providing substantive answers to the given questions. Those who could not answer or refused to provide a response were not included in calculating percentages.

The complete results from the survey can be found at 0508sourcebook.html.

Figure 1. Perceived Fairness: Courtroom Workgropu, by Respondent Race Figure 2. Perceived Punitiveness of the Criminal Justice System Figure 3. Evaluation of Criminal Justice System Effectiveness