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We welcome questions from prospective and current students, as well as our alumni!  We care deeply about our students and are committed to their academic and professional success.

The Justice Center has statewide responsibility for higher education and research related to the areas of crime, law, and the administration of justice. The Center offers academic programs in two areas, Justice and Legal Studies/Paralegal. The Justice Center also offers pre-law advising. Three student clubs provide students with opportunities to network and explore career options.


Legal Studies/Paralegal*

* Note: The Justice Center previously offered an undergraduate Paralegal Studies Certificate. Effective spring semester 2013, new student admissions to this option are permanently suspended.

Pre-law advising

Student Clubs

Research Programs and Publications

Because of our expertise in criminology and crime analysis, our mastery of advanced statistical skills, and our commitment to collaborative community-based research, the Justice Center is the most respected research center in the areas of crime, law, and justice in Alaska. Our research addresses issues in both rural and urban Alaska, advances scientific knowledge, and informs public policy.  

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