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Professional and law journals

"Book Review — Politics and Plea Bargaining: Victims' Rights in California by Candace Mccoy" by Ronald S. Everett (1994).

"Difference, Disparity, and Race/Ethnic Bias in Federal Sentencing" by Ronald S. Everett and Roger A. Wojtkiewicz. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 18(2): 189–211 (2002).

"Effectiveness of Counsel: An Empirical Analysis" by Gray Cavender, Barbara C. Nienstedt, and Ronald S. Everett (1987).

"'The Governor's Court of Last Resort:' An Introduction to Executive Clemency in Alaska" by Ronald S. Everett and Deborah Periman. Alaska Law Review 28(1): 57–96 (Jun 2011).

"Race, Remorse and Sentence Reduction: Is Saying You’re Sorry Enough?" by Ronald S. Everett and Barbara C. Nienstedt (1999).

Alaska Justice Forum

"The Alaska Criminal Justice Commission: A Legislative Call for Action" by Mary Geddes (2014).

"Alaska Pretrial Intervention Found Successful" by N.E. Schafer (1988).

"Alternative Punishments: A Judicial Council Seminar" by Teresa W. Carns (1994).

"Alternatives to Incarceration: Suggestions from the Past" by N.E. Schafer and A.B. Dellinger (1993).

"Circle Peacemaking" by Lisa Rieger (2001).

"Community Justice Initiatives in the Galena District Court" by Jeff D. May (2014).

"The Felony Case Process in Alaska: The Judicial Council Analysis" by Antonia Moras (2004).

"Pretrial Intervention Project Begins in Anchorage" by Chris Cobb (1978).

"Project Prosecutor" by Kevin Bruce (1978).

"Restorative Justice: Theory, Processes, and Application in Rural Alaska" by Jeff D. May (2014).

"Restorative Justice Programs and Sentencing" (2014).

"Senate Bill 64 — Omnibus Crime Bill" by Mary Geddes (2014).

"Sentencing Commission Begins Work" by Lisa Rieger (1990).

"Sentencing Commission Releases Annual Report" by Lisa Rieger (1991).

"Sentencing Commission Releases Second Annual Report" by Lisa Rieger (1992).

Audiovisual products

"Sentencing: A Delicate Balance" (videotape) written and produced by Antonia Moras for the Alaska Court System (2002).

Conference papers & presentation

Justice Center research projects

Other resources

Alaska Judicial Council publications

Alaska Felony Process: 1999 by Teresa W. Carns, Larry Cohn, and Susie M. Dosik (2004). See also the executive summary.

"The Development of Appellate Sentencing Law in Alaska" by Susanne D. Di Pietro. Alaska Law Review 7(2): 265–298 (Dec 1990). Also published as the Alaska Judicial Council report Appellate Sentence Review in Alaska (Jan 1991).

Plea bargain ban

In 1975, Attorney General Avrum Gross banned plea barganing in Alaska.

Interim Report on the Elimination of Plea Bargaining by Charles H. Iliff, Marjorie A. Mock, Michael L. Rubinstein, Shirley S. Simpson, and Teresa J. White (1977).

The Effect of the Official Prohibition of Plea Bargaining on the Disposition of Felony Cases in the Alaska Criminal Courts: Final Report by Michael L. Rubinstein, Teresa J. White, and Stevens H. Clarke (1978).

Alaska Misdemeanor Sentences: 1974–1976 by Michael L. Rubinstein, Nicholas Maroules, and Teresa J. White (1979). (Plea bargaining.)

"Alaska's Ban on Plea Barganing" by Michael L. Rubinstein and Teresa J. White. Law & Society Review 13(2): 367–383 (Winter 1979).

Alaska's Plea Bargaining Ban Re-Evaluated by Teresa W. Carns, and John Kruse (1991). See also the executive summary.

"A Re-Evaluation of Alaska's Plea Barganing Ban" by Teresa White Carns and John Kruse. Alaska Law Review 8(1): 27–70 (Jun 1991).

Sentencing studies

The Alaska Judicial Council conducted a number of sentencing studies from 1975 through 1987, both in advance of and after the revision of the Alaska criminal code (enacted 1978, effective January 1, 1980) and additional code changes that followed. The studies were used to structure presumptive sentencing and provisions of the new criminal code and to evaluate the impact of changes to the code and sentencing practices on sentencing disparities, the growth of correctional populations, etc. The studies below are presented in chronological order.

Sentencing in Alaska: A Description of the Process and Summary of Statistical Data for 1973 by Beverly Cutler (1975).

1973 Sentences of Five Years or Greater in Length by Beverly Cutler and Teresa J. White (1975).

Alaska Felony Sentencing Patterns: A Multivariate Statistical Analysis (1974–1976) by Michael L. Rubinstein, Elaine M. Andrews, Charles H. Iliff, Louis J. Menendez, Marcia E. White, Stevens H. Clarke, and Gary G. Koch (1977).

Alaska Misdemeanor Sentences: 1974–1976 by Michael L. Rubinstein, Nicholas Maroules, and Teresa J. White (1979). (Racial disparity.)

Interim Report of the Alaska Judicial Council on Findings of Apparent Racial Disparity in Sentencing (August 15, 1974–August 14, 1976) by Michael L. Rubinstein, Stevens H. Clarke, and Teresa J. White (1979).

Alaska Misdemeanor Sentences: Statistical Analysis of Summary of Findings in Anchorage and Fairbanks (August 15, 1974–August 14, 1976) by Michael L. Rubinstein, Nicholas Maroules, and Teresa J. White (1979).

Sentencing Under Revised Criminal Code by Michael L. Rubinstein (1980).

Alaska Felony Sentences: 1976–1979 by Nicholas Maroules and Teresa J. White (1980).

A Preliminary Statistical Description of Fish and Game Offense Sentences by Nicholas Maroule (1981).

Alaska Felony Sentences: 1980 — Felony Sentencing Under Alaska's New Criminal Code, 1980 Offenses (1982).

Alaska Prison Population Impact Analysis (1982).

Alaska Fish and Game Sentences: 1980–81 — Statistical Analysis of Major Fish and Game Offense Sentencing Outcomes by Nicholas Maroules and Francis S. Troxell (1983).

Alaska Misdemeanor Sentences: 1981 by Teresa W. Carns, Robert J. Walker, Ralph R. Gregory, Cathy A. Hammond, Elyse Reisenauer, and Victor Morales (1983).

Alaska Misdemeanor Sentences: 1981 — Special Report on Driving While Intoxicated Sentences by Teresa W. Carns and Robert J. Walker (1984).

Alaska Felony Sentences: 1984 by Francis L. Bremson, Teresa W. Carns, Cynthia Felton, and Josefa M. Zywna (1987).

Alaska Sentencing Commission (1990–1993)

The Alaska Sentencing Commission was established in 1990 by the Alaska State Legislature for a three-year period to evaluate the effect of sentencing laws and practices on the Alaska criminal justice system, particularly with regard to prison overcrowding and growth in correctional populations, intermediate sanctions, and sentencing disparities, and to make recommendations for improving criminal sentencing practices.

Federal government